Exploring Patagonia

Custom trips

According to your preferences, interests, time and budget several options will be suggested regarding destinations, activities,
lodgings and specialized guides.
Just enjoy the overwhelming nature and Patagonian culture and leave us the rest!

Environmental interpretation

In Patagonia, each environment and species develop amazing strategies to live!
Biologists and naturalists, dedicated to researching and preserving biodiversity, will show you the secrets of the austral nature.

The largest Parrot colony on earth

8 miles of sea cliffs with 35,000 Burrowing Parrots nests are waiting for you at Balneario El Cóndor!
Scientifically recognized as the largest parrot colony of the planet, the biggest international medias have documented its immensity and beauty.

Dolphins & whales watching

Patagonian beaches and cliffs are ideal observatories for the coastal sighting.
Equipped with telescopes and binoculars, we invite you to explore our coasts observing Sea Lions and Elephant seals, Right
Whales, Bottlenose and Franciscana Dolphins…
We know the best places and seasons to “meet them"!

Megafauna fossil Footprints

Imagine walking among the footprints of the giant animals of Ice Age?
Patagonia was the habit of the ancestors of the Armadillos, Felines and Running Birds: Glyptodonts, Saber-toothed Tigers, and
Terror birds. In the Río Negro Estuary, these animals of several meters and tons left their footprints in millenary lagoons: their
fossilization in perfect condition is a rarity of the nature!

Medicinal flora

Tehuelches, Mapuches and other native people valued the medicinal, nutritional and cultural uses of the Patagonian flora. Today,
scientists explore their properties. There is so much to know…
Would you like to rediscover this ancestral knowledge? Let's travel together to the Monte, the Steppe and the Patagonian
Andean Forests!

You promote conservation!

We consider nature tourism as an environmental management tool:
10% of your tour value will be used to finance scientific and educational projects in the Northeast Patagonia.
We invite you to support or simply to know about our programs and publications infopatagoning@gmail.com